August 23, 2017

EVG fans fpr plant engineering and machine construction

EVG fans fpr plant engineering and machine construction
Our EVG Engicon Airtech fans can be found everywhere within the wide range of plant engineering and machine construction. Whether if it is for intake and exhaust systems, goods drying or heat treatment, our fan systems are always used where the highest quality, guaranteed safety and highest efficiency are required. In addition, we design and manufacture customised solutions to meet the individual requirements of numerous different companies. Our wide range of centrifugal and axial fans, our considerable vertical range of production and excellent materials expertise make this possible. We implement massive constructions, multi-split housings and special housing positions for you. Depending on your requirements, our fans can have a single or double inlet and can even be welded to be gas-tight from the inside and the outside. Depending on the transported media, we use coatings to protect against corrosion, acids, abrasion or, for our titanium fans, we use rubber coatings and special paints.
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Machine construction – Exhaust air plant
A dust free environment is a basic requirement for a perfect surface. To make sure this is successful even under difficult conditions, EVG Engicon Airtech supplies radial fans with a belt drive, with high static pressure and high volume flows. The high efficiency of > 85 % and long-lasting design in stainless steel guarantee uninterrupted operation at low operating costs.
Packing industry
To ensure the rigorous air demand in the food industry as well as medical engineering in compliance with the strictest explosion protection regulations, EVG Engicon Airtech supplies high-performance ATEX fans with a state-of-the-art design and best energy efficiency. The fans are welded gas-tight and leak tightness is guaranteed by constant monitoring in production. A multi-labyrinth seal with return rounds off the scope of supply and guarantees 100 % tightness, even in the case of the most demanding continuous operation.

Output range up to

  • Volume flow: 1,000,000 m³/h
  • Pressure: 30,000 Pa
  • Temperature: 950 °C
  • Output: 2000 kW
  • Miscellaneous: Special material stainless steel, ATEX Zone 1 (21) and 2 (22)


  • Centrifugal fans
  • Axial fans
  • Double inlet centrifugal fans

Areas of use

  • Grinding material extraction
  • Process air/Clean air
  • Thermal oxidation