August 10, 2017

After Sales

After Sales

Every technical system suffers from wear over the years or requires repairs. Our fans from EVG Engicon Airtech Pvt.Ltd. are inherently designed for durability. This means that original spare and wear parts must still be available even after decades of operation. We guarantee this availability and the resulting safe operation after more than 10 years. Already prior to delivery, you will receive recommendations regarding the stocking of spare parts as well as the provision of wear parts for all your fans. Thanks to our high-quality manufacturing, we are able to build all spare parts, such as impellers, on the basis of the original drawings. We guarantee the availability of all supplier parts through our long-term supplier agreements, so that motors, couplings, bearings and compensators remain available. With predictive maintenance, we are able to ensure extremely high plant availability as well as prompt spare parts delivery if necessary. We would be happy to prepare an offer for you upon request for:

  • Spare parts such as motors, couplings, block bearings, single pedestal bearing, sensors, flap drives
  • Spare part kits
  • Wear parts such as V-belts, belt pulleys, bearings, vibration dampers, seals
  • Spare impellers
  • Spare dampers
  • Compensators

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